Benefits of curd
Benefits of curd

Benefits of curd


Benefits of curd

Often we use yogurt in our daily life which proves beneficial for our health and in other things. curd is most beneficial by eating breakfast, adding sugar to the curd ends blood loss. Curd is also often used by people to keep their skin good.

Dangers due to curd should not be eaten even at night.

Yogurt is very good for health and diagnoses many of our problems. But according to Ayurveda, if eaten at the wrong time, it can also have the opposite effect. Most people eat yogurt with lunch and it is included in their habit and it is a good habit somewhere. But most people have problems with curd. Ayurveda states that eating curd at night should be avoided because taking yogurt at night proves to be harmful to the body in away.


 The intensity of phlegm increases naturally in our body at night, so eating curd at night is prone to many diseases related to the stomach.  Do not consume cold and hot things together, it can cause you lots of damage.

Benefits of consuming curd

  1. curd removes stomach heat.

Curd is also considered beneficial for the treatment of diseases of the stomach. Often we eat lassi made of curd or curd due to heat or burning sensation in the stomach because it gives us comfort. Apart from this, if someone has diarrhea, it should be eaten by mixing Isabgol with curd which proves to be very beneficial.

  • curd is beneficial in enhancing beauty.
  • For face:-

We often use plenty of yogurt for the face so that the face glows. Along with being used to apply yogurt on the face, other things are also used. Vitamin A and zinc in yogurt help to brighten the skin. Gram flour, turmeric, and Multani metti are also used along with curd and keep it on the face for 10 minutes. This will also enhance the look of your face and will make the skin glow. If you are troubled by your oily skin, then add honey to the curd and apply it on the face. It also helps to remove facial blemishes.

  • For hair:-

Curd is also beneficial for hair. If the curd, mehndi, multani mitti is applied on the hair, then the hair is soft and it also helps in preventing hair loss. Dandruff is also eliminated by using curd. It acts like a conditioner for hair. You can use it in hair, it increases hair shine.

  1. Eating curd strengthens immunity:

Eating curd can also be beneficial for immunity.  Especially, if contains probiotics. So regular yogurt intake can strengthen your immune system and this makes you less likely to get sick again and again. Apart from this, yogurt also contains plenty of magnesium, selenium, and zinc which help in strengthening immunity.

  • To reduce obesity, consume curd:

As we know that many people have many problems due to obesity and it gives rise to many diseases. Curd prevents cholesterol from increasing in our body, which improves blood flow and keeps the body healthy. If we reduce obesity, then we can get rid of other diseases also.

Disadvantages of Curd Consumption

  • Some people get various digestive problems like stomach pain and diarrhea after consuming milk or products made from it, for some people yogurt can prove to be dangerous.
  • Many types of yogurt contain high amounts of sugar, especially those labeled as calories.
  • Some people who consume curd may also have allergies.
  • Additionally, the consumption of sugar can cause many health problems, including diabetes and obesity.


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